You like good wine, moments of conviviality, then we invite you to discover the wines of the VORBURGER-MEYER estate. Winemaker Jean-Marie Vorburger perpetuates the passion of his parents, VORBURGER Charles and MEYER Lucie who developed the vineyard in the 1960s.

Our hillside vineyard with clay-limestone soils is one of the best terroirs in Alsace. A reasoned culture of the vine associating traditions but also progress in the respect of flora and fauna, offers us ripe grapes and bursting with aromas that you will find in our wines.

Thanks to their deep rooting, the oldest vines make it possible to obtain complex, rich and long-keeping wines, which is also a characteristic of all our wines from clay-limestone soils.

We offer a wide variety of wines: dry or sweet whites, pinot noir reds, late harvest or Crémants d'Alsace (sparkling) but also the Grand Cru HATSCHBOURG de Gewurztraminer.

HVE domain

Our estate has been HVE certified since 2019. This is a sustainable cultivation label ensuring biodiversity.

- Strong reduction in disease-fighting treatments

- Presence of green areas with hedges and low walls

- Seedlings of various plants, flowers, legumes, cereals

In our vineyard, we have not carried out any insecticide treatment for more than 20 years. Come visit us at
vineyard to see for yourself… Alsace is a green vineyard!