Discover a welcoming village, located 10km south-west of Colmar, where wine-growing activity, tranquility and relaxed lifestyle mingle. Everything has always been done to ensure its harmonious development while preserving its identity.


At its main entrance, your gaze will inevitably rest on the imposing and original sculpture representing "Bacchus" and embodying local history by combining the work of stone (pink sandstone quarry located above the village) and that of the vine.

And full of history...

In the center of the village, on the town hall square, see the famous "Rabseppala" which has been enthroned for decades on the octagonal fountain built in 1834. A few dozen meters away stands the St-Nicolas church, the construction of which was completed in 1789n containing a remarkable Baroque building complex from the beginning of the 18th century. The Besançon organ built in 1768, the altars and the pulpit from the beginning of the 18th century are classified as historical monuments. After climbing the picturesque rue St-Nicolas, you will see the proud pink sandstone cliff of the municipal quarry. A good half-hour walk will take you to the Buematt arboretum, in the Marbach valley, at the western end of the communal ban.