Our wines and their characteristics

Riesling 2017

The nose opens with a beautiful expression of white-fleshed fruits (peach, pear) mixed with notes of white flowers and a touch of lemon. The mouth is expressed on ripe fruits reinforced by the mineral expression of its terroir. The structure is straight and frank with a nice acidity that best reflects the expression of Riesling.

Pairings: Grilled white fish with lemon, seafood dishes, roast chicken or a good sauerkraut from Alsace.

Riesling Hospice 2018

The nose reveals an intense complexity that mixes yellow fruits like nectarine and clementine with a freshness of green apple and lemon zest.
The mouth is frank with a nice acidity, the aromatic complexity of the nose is also expressed with sweetness and finesse.

Pairings: Salmon with cream sauce, lemon and dill, a chicken tajine with lemon and olives or with scallops.

Pinot Gris 2017

On the nose, it reveals complex aromas of pear and quetsche, mixed with smoky and undergrowth notes. On the palate, the attack is round and complex but well balanced by a nice acidity which brings structure and freshness to this wine. The finish is smooth, opulent and appetizing.

Pairings: Bouchées à la Reine, poultry in its mushroom sauce, veal blanquette or with terrines, white meats in general.

Pinot Gris Old Vines 2018

The nose reveals complex aromas of yellow peach, pears in syrup, white flowers with smoky notes. On the palate it is frank and generous with great complexity and good length.

Pairings: Chicken red curry, lacquered pork or with a nice quetsche pie.

Muscat 2017

On the nose, it develops an intense and complex aromatic expression with a mixture of white flowers, passion fruit, white peaches, fresh grapes and a hint of mint. The palate is crunchy and we find the aromatic expression of the nose which brings it gluttony. It ends on a dry, airy and elegant balance.

Pairings : Tabbouleh with mint and vegetables, white spring asparagus or as an aperitif.

Gewürztraminer 2016

On the nose, it expresses a fine and delicate style that blends exotic fruits, mango, lychee with roses and coriander. The mouth is frank and clear, the roundness of the grape variety is present but it remains melted in a balanced and fresh structure.

Pairings: Chow Mein (wok with noodles), Pad Thai or Creole shrimp, exotic or spicy dishes in general.

Gewurztraminer Old Vines 2016

Well opened on the nose with intense aromas of exotic fruits, passion fruit and lychee. On the palate, it reveals, as on the nose, an explosion of exotic aromas that delights the palate. A wine with a certain roundness but which remains balanced with a nice freshness.

Pairings: Lychee-shrimp salad with coriander, exotic fruit salad, strong cheeses or as an aperitif, exotic or spicy dishes in general.

Gewurztraminer Hatschbourg 2017

On the nose, it reveals itself on exotic ripe fruits, mango, lychee, mixed with notes of fresh flowers, especially roses. The structure in the mouth is broad, rich and supported by a very nice tension. The whole gives a great wine with a remarkable balance of elegance and finesse.

Pairings: Pineapple tart, strong cheeses (Munster, Roquefort), foie gras or as an aperitif.

White Cremant 2018

The nose opens with fresh white-fleshed fruits, plums, Mirabelle plums. In the mouth we find the aromatic complexity of the nose with a freshness of green apples and a touch of brioche and dried fruits. The very fine bubble enhances the whole with delicacy and elegance.

Pairings: Aperitif or with seafood in cream sauce or why not with lobster au gratin.

Cremant Rosé 2018

On the nose are revealed aromas of red fruits such as raspberries, currants and morello cherries. The palate is fruity, complex and harmonious with very fine and delicate bubbles.

Pairings: As an aperitif, with a red fruit cake or with charcuterie and terrines.

Gewürztraminer 2018 Cuvée Chloé

A very aromatic nose that opens on rose and exotic fruits. The mouth is balanced and round and we find the aromas of exotic fruits and rose. It finishes on the freshness with a nice length.

Pairings: as an aperitif, Thai, Indian or curry cuisine, with strong cheeses (Munster and blue), with fruit pies.

Muscat Late Harvest 2009

On the nose, it reveals overripe aromas, candied fruits and white flowers. The round mouth revealing muscat nuances with an elegant lace structure. It finishes with finesse and a nice length.

Pairings: Strawberry and elderflower tart

Gewurztraminer Late Harvest 2017

The nose opens with finesse on exotic candied fruits, mango, lychee with a hint of honey. The attack on the palate is powerful with the same aromas found on the nose. It continues on a nice roundness and the finish is explosive and long with a nice balance.

Pairings: With foie gras, pineapple tart or an exotic fruit salad.

Riesling Late Harvest Cuvée Daphne 2011

The intense nose expresses notes of candied fruit, citrus fruits such as citron and lemon. On the palate, it develops into the candied and honeyed universe of great sweet wines with an apotheosis finish on subtle mineral touches characteristic of the grape variety. Superb for its balance, grace and freshness with a very nice length. An exceptional wine!

Pairings: Lemon meringue pie, lemon cheesecake or with cheeses

Pinot Gris Selection of Noble Grains 2015

On the nose, it is very expressive and complex with aromas of candied fruit and quince. The mouth is unctuous and powerful and we find the aromas of the nose. A wine with great potential.

Pairings: with foie gras, caramel or chocolate desserts.